This notice details how Advanced Engineering Group (International) Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “AEG”) collects, store and utilize any information obtained from individuals and corporations during the conduct of our business.

Providing Personal Information

In carrying out our business activities, AEG would request for the collection of information from you. Nature of information collected may be personal information or corporate information.

Personal information collected by AEG may include an individual’s contact details, place of residency and occupation. Corporate information may include technical drawings and specifications.

AEG will only collect and hold information with the given consent of the person/corporation.

Usage of Personal Information

AEG will only use the information collected for the provision of services including but not limited to:

Consultancy services
Maintenance and after-sales support
Records keeping for internal audits

Limitation , Liability and Indemnity

AEG and its divisions, suppliers, customers and partners are not liable in any respect for any damages or loss of any nature which may occur due to your access and usage of AEG’s website.

By using this website, you agree to indemnify AEG and its divisions, suppliers, customers and partners for any costs, claims, damages, losses or liabilities arising from your usage of AEG’s website in breach of law.

Disclosure of Personal Information

AEG will only disclose information for the purpose for which it is collected for, and where appropriate, after the given consent of the individual/corporation. Should any information is required to be disclosed for any other intended purposes, consent will be obtained from individual/corporation prior to disclosure, with the exception of disclosure of information required by the law.

Protection of your Personal Information

AEG has measures in place to prevent the misuse, loss, or unauthorized access and/or disclosure of your information.

Information stored in electronic form is protected from unauthorized usage by restriction of access only to authorized personnel, with logins required.

AEG’s staffs are subjected to the company’s confidentiality obligations.

Consent and Opt-Out

AEG will not collect your information without your consent. Should you decide to opt-out of any business transactions or dealing with AEG, information collected from you will no longer be utilized by AEG in any manner.